MHS Mustang

Morrow High School supports the following expectations at all times. 

BE Present and on time to School and class.

  • Be on time to class each day.
  • Complete all assignments timely

BE Respectful to yourself, others, and school property.

  • Create a non-distracting background for class.
  • Do not speak out of turn in class.
  • Use appropriate language at all times

BE Courteous and use appropriate language at all times.

  • Continue to mute your microphones when not speaking in class.
  • Avoid playing background music in class.
  • Make sure your online avatar is school appropriate.

BE Focused; Always moving with a purpose.

  • Let your teacher know of any conflicts that you may have before class begins.
  • Send your teacher communications through email as well as through the Canvas when a problem exists.

Be Rewarded for Your Positive Behavior.

  • It is important to be thoughtful about how these rewards are being applied.


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